10 Blue Bed Sheet Roll, 60 cm Width, 25 m Length

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Discover the ultimate solution for maintaining cleanliness and comfort in your medical facility with our Blue Bed Sheet Roll. Designed specifically for single-use, this bed sheet roll offers the following features: High Quality Material: Made from durable, non-woven fabric that ensures maximum comfort and protection. Perfect Dimensions: With a width of 60 cm and a length of 25 meters, it provides ample coverage for various bed sizes. Hygienic and Safe: Ideal for hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities, ensuring a sterile environment for every patient. Easy to Use: Convenient roll design allows for quick and easy application, saving time and effort. Waterproof and Tear-Resistant: Prevents leaks and tears, providing reliable protection for beds and mattresses. Upgrade your medical bedding solutions with our Blue Bed Sheet Roll and ensure the highest standards of hygiene and comfort for your patients.

1 review for 10 Blue Bed Sheet Roll, 60 cm Width, 25 m Length

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